Process Oriented Methodology
Our project management processes are designed to mitigate project risks and maximize development efficiency.
Building on our experience and knowledge, we are able to select and implement the best processes and methodologies suitable to your projects. The result is tremendous efficiency and cost savings to you.
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At Penwood Technology we follow a process oriented development methodology designed to mitigate project risks and maximize development efficiency.
We focus on partnership solutions that fulfill your business objectives, instead of merely providing technical solutions. All of our procedures and practices build on this philosophy.

The development methodology approach that we adopt is the spiral iterative model, where the project goes through one or more iterations of all the project stages listed below. By developing a software system incrementally, we involve our clients early and often in the process to gather feedback to ensure we meet your businss and project objectives. Each phase of the project starts with a design goal and ends with your company reviewing the progress thus far.

Project Processes:
  • Requirement Definition - In this stage, client requirements are gathered and scope is defined.
  • Solution Analysis - In this stage, a detailed analysis is carried out from the information in the requirements & scope document.
  • Design - In this stage, the application design is developed in accordance to the agreed upon scope determined in the Requirement Definition and Solution Analysis stages.
  • Development - In this stage, the actual code is developed and tested against design requirements and test cases.
  • Integration and Testing - In this stage, the developed application is deployed within a test environment. Unit and integration tests are based on test plans, test cases/scripts and user acceptance criteria.
  • Acceptance and Deployment - In this stage, the developed application is approved to be deployed and goes “Live”.
  • Post-Deployment - In this stage, we meet with your company to review the project experience and implement a maintenance plan.
The steps above are iterated through each phase of the project until the final deliverable is completed. In collaborating with our clients throughout the software development life cycle, we ensure our partnership solutions produce best-in-class results.

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